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Our mission is to bring healing to everyone. We use saunas, cold plunge, red lights and sound therapy to heal the body and mind. ERTH is supported by scientific research, and is changing lives. Nothing guarantees the success of your business more than launching a business at the right time with the right services. People are loving ERTH! Join us!

Partner with us for all our support

We will help you build a world class facility that people will love. Make Money and smiles!

Our bodies are extraordinary. With the right surroundings, they can not only heal themselves but truly flourish. We want to help you create a sanctuary for healing in your neighborhood

High profit margins

Erth's model is simple and very profitable. No need to pay high wages, high up keep costs or high overhead. Once your Erth spa is built it will produce cashflow.

Marketing and branding

Sales and marketing is the main factor in growing any business. Lucky for you, we have 20 year in marketing. We were able to be a profitable business within 2 weeks of opening. We produced 1000 visitors, thousands in revenue and cash in the bank all within 15 day. How? Marketing which we will take care of.

Software and processes

We have the system ready to go. Calendar, emails, templates, payment software. It's a turn key system.

High demand

We are offering a product that everyone is talking about. Contrast therapy, red lights, cold plunges, sound therapy and saunas are just becoming popular. These therapies are science back and are changing lives. Nothing is better than launching the right product at the right time.

Meet the Founders

Jace Vernon

Jace Vernon, excels in launching profitable small businesses and strategically investing their earnings in real estate and other ventures for sustainable cash flow. That's his game!

ERTH emerged from a different seed – a passion for health and fitness. An avid fitness enthusiast, Jace stands out not just for his business acumen but also for a remarkable athletic feat: he's the rare 6' 1" white guy who managed to dunk a basketball over none other than Shaq – yes, the legendary Shaq.

Jace fell in love with sauna sessions, cold plunging, and breath work, essential for maintaining peak health and optimal recovery post-workout.

He realized health's paramount importance in life, a realization that shifted his entrepreneurial direction. Combating businesses like sugar or soda shops. Jace decided to create something transformative.

Thus, ERTH was born – not just a business, but a venture aimed at positively impacting people's lives.

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Contact ERTH

Phone Number: (435) 236-2234


Address: Office: 1611 E 2450 South #2B

St George, Utah 84790


Mon – Sat 6:00am – 9:00pm

Sunday – CLOSED

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