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Benefits of Fasting and the Longevity Diet

November 05, 20233 min read

“Eat within a 12-hour window to align with the body's natural circadian rhythm.” - Longevity diet

Benefits of Fasting

"The Longevity Diet" by Valter Longo is a book full of insights on nutrition and longevity. The goal is to slow aging, fight disease and optimize your weight. The book dives into the following concepts:

- The idea that less can be more when it comes to protein intake, especially animal protein, for people under 65 to promote longevity.

- The concept of a fasting-mimicking diet that allows the body to reap the benefits of fasting without complete abstinence from food.

- The emphasis on a diet rich in vegetables, legumes, nuts, and fish, and low in meats and processed foods, to support a long and healthy life.

- The recommendation to eat within a 12-hour window to align with the body's natural circadian rhythms.

- The suggestion that periodic fasting can promote regenerative processes and help maintain optimal weight and health.

Why you should be fasting

Today marks the beginning of Fast Sunday, a day of both challenge and renewal, as I embark on my 5-day Prolon fasting journey. Inspired by the wisdom within the pages of "The Longevity Diet" (a gem recommended by Chuck Whitman), I've gained a fresh perspective on the transformative power of fasting.

The book offers a compelling metaphor that resonates with me: Consider our bodies akin to an ancient wood-burning steam locomotive that's running low on fuel. In a bid to reach the next station, the locomotive's crew starts to burn the oldest and most decrepit wooden parts—the seats and walls that have seen better days. This not only keeps the train moving but also makes it lighter and more efficient, shedding the unnecessary weight of its worn components.

As the train forges ahead, it's not just about making do until more wood is found; it's a process of renewal. Once the train arrives at the next station, it doesn't just replace the old with the same old. Instead, it rebuilds with brand new, robust materials. Similarly, fasting initiates a cleansing purge within our body, targeting the expendable, the damaged, and the superfluous, and setting the stage for a rejuvenation of cells and systems.

By activating stem cells and internal repair mechanisms, fasting goes beyond mere weight loss—it's about regeneration. It's a reminder that when we stop incessantly fueling our bodies, they turn to the reserves, burning through the detritus and potentially improving our overall vitality.

So as I start this fast, it's with the vision of not just enduring a temporary challenge but embracing the opportunity for profound bodily restoration. Here's to the journey of becoming lighter, not just in weight, but in being.

The Longevity Diet breakdown

1. Primarily Vegan with Select Seafood: Adopt a mostly vegan diet supplemented with fish two to three times a week, focusing on those rich in omega-3, omega-6, and vitamin B12, while being mindful of mercury levels.

2. Protein Intake: For those under 65, limit protein to 0.31 to 0.36 grams per pound of body weight. Increase protein slightly after 65, including fish, eggs, and white meat, to maintain muscle mass. Legumes should be the main protein source.

3. Fats and Carbohydrates: Minimize saturated fats and sugars. Emphasize healthy fats and complex carbs by consuming whole grains, a variety of vegetables, olive oil, and nuts.

4. Vitamins and Minerals: Ensure a diet high in vitamins and minerals, complemented with a multivitamin every three days.

5. Ancestral Choices: Choose foods that your ancestors would have likely consumed.

6. Meal Frequency and Size: Base the number of daily meals on your weight, age, and abdominal circumference, with guidelines for two or three meals a day plus low-sugar snacks, depending on your weight management needs.

7. Eating Window: Restrict eating to a 12-hour window each day and avoid eating within three to four hours before bedtime.

8. Periodic Fasting: Between the ages of 63-70, depending on individual factors, undertake a five-day fasting-mimicking diet periodically, as advised by a healthcare professional.

9. Healthy Weight Maintenance: Follow the above points to achieve and maintain a healthy weight and abdominal circumference.

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